Why choose PwC?


PricewaterhouseCoopers is one of the largest professional services companies in the world. The company has operations in over 155 countries and offers services under three service lines: assurance, advisory and tax. Ok… But why choose PwC over its competitors?

PwC’s core sentence “Building Relationships, Creating Value” is reflected in their daily operations, whereas the core values: ExcellenceTeamwork and Leadership are the basis of PwC’s global corporate culture. PwC is capable of delivering an added value to everything that they have promised. This is a strong statement made by the company and I believe that this competitive advantage might be the fact that sets them apart. How do they achieve this? By innovation, continuous learning and agility to make important decisions in a short time manner. Teamwork lays the groundwork of every important company. At PwC, they think of teamwork in terms of being productive and creating long-lasting relationships based on respect, whereas not forgetting the need to share resources within the teams to facilitate learning. Leadership? PwC treasures its ability to seize the initiative, welcomes responsibility and has a vision that hardly anywhere you can see a similar one.

“Top 5 Undergraduate Employer in 2014-2015” and “2008 Accounting Firm of the Year” are just two awards The Company has received in the past years. They are the results of continuous work and effort the company has put forward to their clients. While concentrating on its core business, PwC has not forgotten the need to enter the fast growing technology services by offering services in partnership with companies such as Google or Microsoft, helping clients by collaborating on existing solutions and developing new offerings.

So, why apply at PwC?

While everyone might have a different answer, PwC will continue to lead the professional services industry for years to come.


Robert Luta

2nd Year Student at The University of Warwick with a leadership role in Warwick Entrepreneurs Society, passionate about technology and programming, pursuing BSc Hons Management and having previous experience at a trading, storage and distribution company in Romania

Equity and Forex Trader, having ranked 1st/18 in the Warwick Business School Trading Simulation as of June 2015 and 2nd/22 as of October 2015