Internship at SEB bank in Tallinn

SEB Tallinn

I had the opportunity to work as an intern in a Swedish bank SEB, in their Tallinn office. I was assigned to the business clients department where my internship lasted one month.

When I first started working I didn’t expect that there would be much work that my (in)competence would allow me to do. I observed how account managers met with their clients and analysed their financials, compiled reports regarding loans or leases or defended these reports in front of the credit department. 

But as I watched, I started to understand many of these processes better and so, I was handed the first assignments of my own. Started off with easier tasks, such as entering client’s financials to the computer system, but gradually I began to take on more complicated assignments, like analysing the financials, forecasting profits and compiling reports. I learned a lot from these tasks– both immediate skills but also my understanding of a bank as an institution got a lot more thorough.

There was another part of the job, which I think was my favourite. Many account managers felt that I as an intern could learn a lot from meeting the clients, so I was taken to almost every meet up during that month. They were right, I think that these meetings are the most interesting part of the job as a banker. During my time at the bank I got to see many businesses of different kinds and sizes, ranging from farmers to car dealers or pharmaceuticals to real estate, and from all of whom I could ask anything that interested me about their business.

Overall I would say that I am very pleased with my experience at the bank. It started off seeming a bit boring, but as I started taking on tasks everything became more interesting. Another thing, which I’m glad for, is that I had the opportunity to actually use the knowledge I had acquired during my 1st year of studies at Warwick.

Karl Prants