Making real connections at Warwick, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

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The following is an event report which took place at The University of Warwick as of October 2014.

Who was there?

Geoff Mizen, Global Transaction Services at BoA

Andy Scanlon, GTS EMEA at BoA

Moritz Heise, Market Risk Analyst at BoA

about 20+ employees

What was the event about?

Event name: “Making real connections at Warwick”; The event started with the company presentation and was followed by a networking session where every participant was allowed to talk with people from the different departments

Memorable information:

“People from the GTS Department, as well as from the Market Risk said that they felt a sense of purpose towards their job, because it was not just about their salary, but how they felt about their work. They said they were motivated when the job was perfectly done and that they felt passionate about this company.”

Where did the event take place?

Gibbet Hill Road, Warwick Conferences Room


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Robert Luta

2nd Year Student at The University of Warwick with a leadership role in Warwick Entrepreneurs Society, passionate about technology and programming, pursuing BSc Hons Management and having previous experience at a trading, storage and distribution company in Romania

Equity and Forex Trader, having ranked 1st/18 in the Warwick Business School Trading Simulation as of June 2015 and 2nd/22 as of October 2015