Citibank competency based interview, top tips


The following paper presents an interview experience at Citibank London as of January 2015 for the Spring Programme 2015.

Do you remember the name of the interviewer?

Unfortunately, I do not. 

How long did the interview take?

It was no longer than 20 minutes.

Top tips for people applying for the role.

Prepare very well your CV and the way you explain it. Then make sure you know perfectly why you are the best candidate, what sets you apart from the rest, why you apply for Citibank and why you apply for this particular programme.

For me, it was not very hard, I was a Warwick University student coming from Romania and studying Business Management, which is a quite uncommon subject to study if you come from my country. I was very keen on the subject and the industry because I read a lot even from secondary education and it was entirely right to say that I wanted to work in the industry. Then, I made sure they knew exactly what companies I have worked for. Furthermore, I came up with several deals Citibank has made to explain that M&A at Citi is incomparable to the rest and that this is why I have chosen them.

What questions have they asked me?

  1. Please take me through your CV and explain your work experience + following questions.
  2. Please explain a situation where you have failed and one where you have succeeded and tell me why it was so.
  3. Why is the logical path leading you to our company?
  4. What will you bring new to our company?
  5. Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

Will I have any time to think about the questions?

Ok. To be honest, the interviewer says at the beginning of the interview that you have a bit of time after every question to think about it, but in the nervousness of the interview, you often jump into the question with a very narrow view of how the answer will look like. You have to set an approach to follow for every question, such as STAR technique for presenting a situation and how it developed, which will help you along.


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Robert Luta

2nd Year Student at The University of Warwick with a leadership role in Warwick Entrepreneurs Society, passionate about technology and programming, pursuing BSc Hons Management and having previous experience at a trading, storage and distribution company in Romania

Equity and Forex Trader, having ranked 1st/18 in the Warwick Business School Trading Simulation as of June 2015 and 2nd/22 as of October 2015