Procter and Gamble Company Profile


They say a P&G product is used in no less than 98% of all households in Great Britain and all over the world every day. I cannot add more emphasis to how important a role the firm plays in our daily lives.

The company, one of the largest consumer goods in the world markets branded products in beauty, health, fabric, home, baby, family, and personal care categories. The company operates in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia. It is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio and employed about 118,000 people as of June 30, 2014.

Inspired from your home, P&G brands are widely recognised in many countries, and are market-leaders despite tough competition. Procter and Gamble has 21 brands, with Pampers, Ariel, Tide, Duracell, Bounty, Always, Gillette being so strong that people often associate the brand name with the product category. My favourite, Gillette, is worth $20.4 bn and has no other major competitor in UK, founded in 1904, it has operating margins of 32% – the motto:

The Best a Man Can Get.

The CEO of P&G, Alan Lafley is one of the most influential CEOs of all times, a Harvard Business School MBA graduate having an 8-digit salary a year, who can dictate the direction in which the company should go. Currently, P&G’s cashflow is similar to that of a cash cow, something that should strike a chord to the finance analysts and make it a buy, despite the share price going down in the past 3 years.

Being established in 1837, P&G has a promise and a huge history, but at the same time, it takes care of the environment by designing sustainable products (see Pampers Active Fit), and operating under a certain code of conduct. P&G has standard policies and practices that lay out the appropriate code of conduct for doing business and how employees and suppliers are expected to operate, dictated by their purpose, which is to provide branded products and services of superior quality and value in the lives of world’s consumers.

They proved that they are capable to create a better world, be it either in terms of raising awareness and sponsoring major cancer and childcare initiatives every year, important achievements, but most importantly by working tirelessly to serve the community and offering people their preferred brands and products.

Personally, I believe P&G strikes a chord when it comes to our daily lives. I think it is of great use that you read this article and maybe you go online at to stay in touch with them. Have a good day.

Robert Luta

2nd Year Student at The University of Warwick with a leadership role in Warwick Entrepreneurs Society, passionate about technology and programming, pursuing BSc Hons Management and having previous experience at a trading, storage and distribution company in Romania

Equity and Forex Trader, having ranked 1st/18 in the Warwick Business School Trading Simulation as of June 2015 and 2nd/22 as of October 2015