Some basic CV mistakes

While students have or should have access to source of CV prep and correction, we still see CVs, from students at top schools or universities, which would never go through a simple CV screening for very simple reasons… Here are some:


Do not put your picture. There is only downside to it. You don’t know who your reviewer is. It’s sad to say, but he/she might prefer girl/boy, asian/white etc… It’s human nature…


Forget about the short paragraph with “your objectives”. You are just killing opportunities. Let’s say a guy in position X sees your CV. He likes it and reads your objectives. For some reason you wrote “I want to get position Y” (just because you thought you had to be ultra focused). You just killed an opportunity, position X might have been way better (maybe you simply ignored its existence…).


If it’s not written “native” or “fluent”, don’t put it! People sometime puts “French: level B-2” or similar…. What the f***k does it mean? I would conclude “does not know how to speak”.




It’s simple. At a junior level, a CV = 1 page max. Period. Don’t be too short either, it gives the impression that you did nothing.

To describe 1 experience, this is too long:


and this too short (they guy worked there for 5 years! and has only 1 line???):



It sounds really stupid. Why would you really care about formatting? You had great experience, you are perfectly suited for the job… well… usually the reviewer will see tenth of CVs in a row. Formatting becomes MORE and MORE important with the volume. If you apply to positions where you know there will be loads of applicants, be sure your CV is easy to read! Really easy!

This is too packed and some weird grey background colouring…


Be specific

Generally, people remember anecdotes or specific events. If you understand this, why would you use general terms and sentences while describing your experience? Relate to specific things: i) name of companies, ii) size of teams or deals, iii) industries etc… It will catch the attention of the reviewer and he/she will remember you!


Your main goal

It’s simple… your main goal is to go through the CV screening. So don’t upset the reviewer, which means, make his life easy! He must be able to find quickly (less than 2s) the relevant information for the job you are applying to.



This is obviously a non-exhaustive list… we will add more later!